C205/206/207/210 Heavy Duty Mufflers

P/N: AD1250250-5 (left hand) and AD1250251-16 (right hand)

Price: $703.25 (left hand) or $468.75 each (right hand)

Eligible On: Cessna 205, 206F, 206G, 207, 207A, 210M


FAA/PMA: Supplement 21 (covers left hand), Supplement 19 (covers right hand)

Weight: 5 lbs., 2.2 oz. (left hand) and 2 lbs., 12.8 oz. (right hand)

Material: 321 Stainless Steel

Purpose: Heavy duty replacements for Cessna P/N’s 1250250-5 and 1250251-16.

Installation: Same as original stock part.

AD1250250-5 Left Hand
Better photo coming soon.

AD1250251-16 Right Hand
Better photo coming soon.