Piper Cargo Tie Down Rings

P/N: 40340-20

Price: $18.25 each

Eligible On: J3, PA-12, PA-14, and PA-18 Series Aircraft



Weight: 2.5 oz.

Material: Steel

Purpose: Direct replacement for Piper P/N 07110069-1, 07110069-2, 07110069-5, and 07110069-6. Used with Piper Cargo Tie Down Bases P/N 40000-11.

Installation: Please see AC 43.13-2B, Chapter 12 for installation practices.

Misc. Information: Load rating of 4,000 lbs. for vertical loads, 2,000 lbs. for horizontal loads, and 3,000 lbs. for a 45 degree load. Used with Cargo Net P/N 3234.

Better photo coming soon.