Cessna Cabin Step (Late Models)

P/N: AD0711710-1HD (left hand) and AD0711710-2HD (right hand)

Price: $823.50 each

Eligible On: Cessna 180H thru 180K and A185E thru A185F Series Aircraft


FAA/PMA: Pending Approval

Weight: 15.7 oz.

Material: 4130N, powder coated white

Purpose: Replacement for Cessna P/N’s 0711710-1 and 0711710-2 used in Cessna step assemblies P/N 0711710-5 and P/N 0711710-6.

Installation: Bolt and rivet support to fuselage using fasteners as OEM part. Install your existing P/N 1510041-2 (left hand) and P/N 1510041-1 (right hand) step on the support using existing hardware.

Misc. Information: Support is reinforced using an inner tube of 4130N making it stronger than OEM part.

Better photo coming soon.