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SuperCub Videos


March 2017: Riding the Booster
“A movie from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Boosterwith sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound.”



Early September FunSept 2013:  Early September Fun

Early fall flying around Lake Illiamna, Alaska.



The Last of the Kings4 Aug 2013:  The Last of the Kings

Chasing the last of the King Salmon.



Fun in the Sun10 June 2013:  Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day flying in Alaska.




The Great Cookie Toss
15 Jun 2013:  The Great Cookie Toss

Transfering baked goods from sea to shore is harder than it looks…


Fall Formation Fun7 Nov 2013:  Fall Formation Fun

A montage of Fall Super Cub flying in Alaska.



Too Much Fun19 Mar 2013:  Too Much Fun

Flying two SuperCubs out for ptarmigan hunting set to “This House is Rockin”.



The Last Fast Car1 Mar 2013:  The Last Fast Car

The “Last Fast Cat”, sponsored by F. Atlee Dodge, was built by KC Hooks.
Body is a 1968 Cougar with a 580″ Ford engine, A-Heads, injected on methanol and
naturally aspirated.
KC has owned the car since 1968 and has raced virtually every class through the years.
Runs consistent mid to high sevens…old school. Hangs out at Alaska Raceway Park in Palmer, Alaska.


I'll Be Your Wingman
30 Nov 2012:  I’ll Be Your Wingman

Formation flying on skis west of Anchorage set to “Sultan of Swing” by Dire Straits.


Inflight GoPro Suction Cup Failure
26 Nov 2012:  Inflight GoPro Suction Cup Failure

Timing is everything in this comical Supercub video, which captures a GoPro fall from its outboard suction -cup mount during a touch and go.


Ski Install
19 Nov 2012:  Ski Install

Mounting the skis and going for a spin around Six Mile Lake, Alaska.


Ptarmigan Hunting on Veteran's Day
13 Nov 2012:  Ptarmigan Hunting on Veteran’s Day

A Veteran’s Day Ptarmigan Hunt set to Joe Satriani’s “I Believe”


Flight through Knik Valley and Knik Glacier
7 Nov 2012:  Flight through Knik Valley and Knik Glacier

An early winter Supercub flight through the Knik River valley and over the Knik Glacier.



Glacier Lunch
Glacier Lunch

April 2013: Flying two SuperCubs out for lunch on a beautiful spring day.





Military Flight Videos



Aerial Combat


The Pearl Harbor P-40 boys
The Pearl Harbor P-40 boys

A quick mini-documentary on the 2 P-40B Warhawks that got airborne during the attack on Pearl Harbor and scored multiple kills. Flown by Ken Taylor and George Welch they were able to attack Japanese aircraft of the second attack wave.


C-130 Aerial Achievement
C-130 Aerial Achievement

During 1963, a KC-130F aircraft made history by landing and taking off from the aircraft carrier; USS Forrestal (CVA-59). The crew successfully negotiated 29 touch-and-go landings, 21 unarrested full-stop landings, and 21 unassisted takeoffs at gross weights of 85,000 pounds up to 121,000 pounds.


The Star Spangled Banner
The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner as you’ve never heard it.


F-18 Low Level Flight
F-18 Low Level Flight

The Pukin Dogs of VFA-143 take to the skies in the Pacific Northwest. The song is Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling.


A look back at 2014 from the F/A-18 Hornet squadrons of Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic.



ON HIS KNEES RONALD REAGAN – This is a rather short video that we all should watch, appreciate and fully understand.


BLUE ANGELS - Insane Footage Takes You Inside the Cockpit

Insane Footage Takes You Inside the Cockpit.


HOMETOWN BATTLEFIELD by JP Cormier Official Video

The new studio recording of and Lyric Video for JP’s newest smash sensation, a song depicting the trials of Canadian Veterans and Veterans everywhere.


Helo Landing at Sea
Helo Landing at Sea

Helicopter Landing at Sea.


Wings Over The Rockies, film showing continually at the Denver Air Museum, Doug Holgate Aerial Director of Photography.


Amazingly thrilling video of F-18 fighters with ambient sound
Thrilling video of F-18 fighters with ambient sound

This spectacular footage of F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets is how all aviation videos should be: Just amazingly crispy shots with no stupid musical soundtrack. It makes you feel like you are sitting right there in the cockpit with the pilots. An incredibly detailed look into the F-18s of the USS Enterprise.


Rare warbirds
Rare warbirds to depart Edwards Ranch

Rare warbirds to depart Edwards Ranch.



Military Advice
Sound Military Advice

File opens as a power point presentation.



The Airborne Beer Story
WWII Vet Stories – The Airborne Beer Story

WWII veteran Vince Speranza tells the Airborne Beer story that occurred while he was serving in the 101st Airborne Division at the Battle of the Bulge. The 101st Airborne was cutoff from the rest of the Army and was holding out in Bastogne when Vince was sent back to try and find some radio batteries for his company. He got a little sidetracked on his mission as he stopped to visit a wounded friend.

Delta Airlines Honor Guard.
Delta Airlines Honor Guard

Never complain about Delta’s baggage fees again.




Team AeroDynamix Owns the Night.
Team AeroDynamix Owns the Night

Team AeroDynamix owns the night in this exciting formation video. The world’s largest air show team provides an exciting and memorable performance that combines precision formation flying and formation aerobatics.


 1949 National Air Races.
1949 National Air Races

This is a website devoted to the 1949 Air Races. In 1949, the Armed Forces pulled out all the stops to show the public where their money went.
They chose Cleveland Municipal Airport as the “target” to demonstrate the split-second
timing necessary to bring 100 aircraft to bear on a given objective.


Great Escape Tunnel revealed after 67 years.
Great Escape Tunnel revealed after 67 years. Part 1 of 3

Great Escape Tunnel revealed after 67 years – Untouched for almost seven decades, the tunnel used in the “Great Escape”
has finally been unearthed.


The Collings Foundation's F-100F and Colonel George
The Collings Foundation’s F-100F and Colonel George “Bud” Day Celebration and Flight.

December 7, 1941: The Collings Foundation’s F-100F and Colonel George “Bud” Day Celebration and Flight. George “Bud” Day is a Vietnam Vet, a medal of honor
recipient and a former POW. He was shot down over Vietnam in his F-100F on 26 August 1967, and was a POW for 5 years and 7 months.

2013 May 15:  Britain’s only airworthy Lancaster skims over Derwent Reservoir to mark Dambusters 70th anniversary.
See pictures and videos from the Anniversary flight as well as historical photos of 617 Squadron.


Music video created in honor of our heros to “Angel Flight” by Radney Foster.  Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force C-130’s
used to fly home our Fallen Soldiers.  Angel Flight is also their call sign.


The Long Way Home-The Pacific Clipper
The Long Way Home – The Flight of the Pacific Clipper

December 7, 1941: A civilian airliner, The Pacific Clipper, Queen of Pan American Airways fleet of flying boats is
cut off from home by the outbreak of World War II and makes a dash for freedom.




In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.
1944 Spitfire Crash Footage and Interview of Pilot

December 7, 1941: In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.



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