PA-18 Titanium Hot Rod Muffler

P/N: 3241-HRT

Price: $2,785.00 each

Eligible On: PA-18 Series Aircraft



Weight: 2.8 lbs. for muffler (3.25 lbs. lighter than P/N 3241-HR and 3.4 lbs. lighter than P/N 3241)

Material: Titanium

Purpose: Fabricated from titanium for reduced weight. Muffler is coreless with a larger tailpipe diameter for increased horsepower.

Installation: Installation requires cutting the lower cowl tailpipe opening to clear larger tailpipe.

Misc. Information: Purchase includes 2 piece muffler shroud, 1 tailpipe support rod, and 1 tailpipe clamp. Upgrading to our coreless muffler will increase the static RPM 30-65 RPM on average. Most aircraft will experience a slight increase in rate of climb. The EGT and oil temperature will be slightly lower and muffler has a louder and deeper sound.

Better photos coming soon!