Piper Cabane Vee

P/N: 3166-2

Price: $510.00 each

Eligible On: PA-12 and PA-14 Series Aircraft

STC: SA4616NM  (covers PA-12) SA4617NM (covers PA-14)

FAA/PMA: Supplement 1

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Material: 4130N

Purpose: Heavy duty Cabane Vee modified for use on PA-12 and PA-14 Series Aircraft with PA-18 style landing gear installed.

Installation: Installed per Roger Borer STC SA148AL. His daughter Karen maintains his STC’s. She can be reached at (907) 317-7732. An additional weld on fitting kit will be needed for installation. Please see P/N 3166-2AF for additional details on necessary kit.

Better photo coming soon.