Piper Shock Struts – Standard Length

P/N: 3164-1 (PA-18) and 3164-2 (PA-12 and PA-14)

Price: $144.00 each

Eligible On: Piper PA-12, PA-14, and PA-18 Series Aircraft

STC: SA4619NM (covers PA-12), SA4620NM (covers PA-14), SA4621NM (covers PA-18)

FAA/PMA: Supplement 1 (covers PA-18), Supplement 1 (covers PA-12 and PA-14)

Weight: 1 lb., 2 oz.

Material: 4130N, powder coated white, black, or gray.

Purpose: 3164-1 is a heavy duty replacement for Piper P/N 12844-04.

Installation: Same as original stock part.

Better photo coming soon.