Cessna 182 Removable Folding Jump Seat p/n: 3187-182


Eligible On: C182E thru C182R
STC: SA02008AK
Weight: 6.8 lbs
Material: 4130N, powder coated gray
Purpose: Our jump seat replaces the standard bench seat and offers a weight savings of approximately 7 lbs. The seat can easily be folded or removed for loading and unloading of cargo.
Installation: Please see Installation Instructions. Installation kits available for $892.50 with STC paperwork. C182E thru C182R install kits are $1,220.50. Each kit covers 1 pair of seats. We do offer half kits to cover single seats (cost is half of the full kit).
Additional Information: Please let us know when ordering for a C182E thru C182R as the hardware kit is different.

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