PA-18 Battery Rack – Front Seat p/n: 3304-18


Eligible On: PA-18 and PA-19 Series Aircraft
STC: SA02156AK
Weight: 1.2 lbs without battery/16.4 lbs with approved battery
Material: Stainless steel (battery rack can be custom fabricated using Titanium. Titanium rocks have a weight of 6.4 oz and cost $498.50 each. Please allow up to 2 weeks for custom fabrication. Titanium racks are not FAA/PMA or STC approved).
Purpose: Modification to reduce weight approximately 18.4 lbs when replacing stock rack and battery. Moves battery location to underneath the front seat in the seat base frame.
Installation: Please see Installation Instructions. Install time depends upon mechanics experience and whether or not the existing components have been removed from aircraft. All new electrical components are advised at the time of install. Please refer to FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1B for guidance regarding electrical procedures and practices.
Additional Information: Uses Odyssey battery SBS J-16 or equivalent. Battery and electrical components not included or sold at F. Atlee Dodge. Seat base not included.

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