PA-18 Hot Rod Muffler p/n: 3241-HR


Eligible On: PA-18 and PA-19 Series Aircraft
STC: SA02273AK
FAA/PMA: Approved
Weight: 7 lbs, 4 oz
Material: Stainless Steel
Purpose: Direct replacement for Piper P/N 12433-14
Installation: Installation instructions included with purchase. Otherwise, installation instructions can be requested from STC owner Butch Cavanaugh at (907) 376-7070.
Additional Information: Includes 2 piece muffler shroud, 1 tailpipe support rod, and 1 tailpipe clamp. Upgrading to our coreless muffler will increase the static RPM 30-65 RPM on average. Most aircraft will experience a slight increase in rate of climb. The EGT and oil temperature will be slightly lower and the muffler has a louder and deeper sound.

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