PA-18 Oversize Round Rudder


Eligible On: Piper PA-18, PA18S, PA-18 ‘105’ (Special), PA-18S ‘105’ (Special), PA-18A, PA-18 ‘125’ (Army L-21A), PA-18S ‘125’, PA-18AS ‘125’, PA-18 ‘135’ (Army L-21B), PA-18A ‘135’, PA-18S ‘135’, PA-18AS ‘135’, PA-18 ‘150’, PA-18A ‘150’, PA-18S ‘150’, PA-18AS ‘150’, PA-19 (Army L-18C), PA-19S), FS 2002 Corp. (PA-14), and FS 2003 Corp. (PA-12, PA-12S)
STC: SA02433AK
FAA/PMA: Supplement 39
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz
Material: 4130 N Steel
Purpose: Provides additional control at low air speeds on aircraft equipped with larger tires.
Installation: Please see Installation Instructions
Additional Information: Powder coated primer gray. STC is included with the purchase of 2 Oversize Elevators (P/N AD12770-OS) and 1 Oversize Rudder. Otherwise, the STC will cost an additional $420.75. Oversize rudder is approximately 12% larger that the Standard Rudder. Bushings are installed. Also available with no light housing. Please request this when placing your order.

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