PA-18 Rear Seat Heater Kit p/n: 3175


Eligible On: PA-18 Series Aircraft with Lycoming Engines
STC: SA02094AK
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Material: Diverter box and push pull cables are stainless steel, hoses are 2″ CEET and 2″ SCAT.
Purpose: The carburetor heat shroud and new cabin heat valve are utilized to provide aircraft with heating to the rear seat passenger.
Installation: No welding required. Install time estimated at 8 hours. Kit can be installed at the time of re-build or while aircraft is in flying condition.
Additional Information: Carburetor heat cannot be used when rear seat heater is in use or vice versa. Flight Manual Supplement included with STC paperwork. Optional adapter available to penetrate the interior panel if desired. P/N 3175-15. Please request this option when you place your order.

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