PA-18 Extended Baggage Compartment

P/N: 2103

Price: $1,070.00 each

Eligible On: PA-18 Series Aircraft


FAA/PMA: Supplement 65

Weight: 7 lbs.

Material: .020 2024 T3 Aluminum

Purpose: Allows for more space in the baggage compartment. Extended compartment will provide approximately 4.25 cubic feet of storage space and has a weight capacity for up to 20 lbs.

Installation: Shipped in knock down form. Easily assembled using supplied pop rivets. No welding required.

Misc. Information:¬†Early aircraft must have a cross tube installed at station 99.0 (123″ aft of firewall) and at least 1750 lb. gross weight in accordance with STC SA292AL or other FAA approval.

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Click photo for larger image.